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The release of their much-anticipated second album has created a buzz around this album in the U.K. as it is number 2 in the Independent Blues Broadcasters Broadcasters (IBBA) charts this week. Having listened to the album I can understand why. The music has a zest for life the lyrics shine and the singing is full of tonal shapes and depths. Dove and Boweevil have caused a stir before, their music was hushed due tp guitarist Mark Howes suffering complications after a routine throat operation that meant for him it was hospital wards not stages and studios. Now they are back kicking up a storm with the combination of Mark’s guitar playing that adds a layer and a stability allowing Lauren Dove to have complete vocal freedom from the hush of a whispered confidence to the squeal and a holler that could be heard across many a cotton field, and would wake up the cotton weevil. Dove & Boweevil’s music on This Life is inspired by blending a mix of styles and emotions that blend just like life. It is a mix of knowledge, experience and passion as they weave together a sound that knots together the ties of Blues, Soul and Southern Rock with a twist of country. The sound is infectious modern and British despite the influences, the music flows and drives the lyrics sung with passion yet having a naivety and innocence in the vocals delivered by Lauren. This is a young sound a band that is maturing and shaping their sound the songwriting is strong and the instrumentation has a foot tapping joyous feel that musical destiny is in their own hands. ....read the full article here.  

R2 Magazine **** Norman Darwen. 

Listening to the open few seconds with loud slide guitar licks and singer Lauren Dove's shriek of delight, you just know it's gonna be a good'un , and so it turns out. With the blues as a solid base (and Andy 'Mojo' Robinson playing some excellent keyboards) the music also takes on elements of soul, classic funk, gospel, folk, late-60s/early 70s British rock, Southern US Rock and a healthy homage to New Orleans and a singer-songwriter approach that is both vintage and contemporary. As a result the sound of 'This Life' owes something to the sound of Free, Bonnie Raitt, The Tedeschi Trucks Band and occassionally  in the albums darker moments Dr. John. A heady mix but far more original than that might suggest.



'The music has a zest for life the lyrics shine and the singing is full of tonal shapes and depths. Dove and Boweevil have caused a stir' Blues Noodles.

Dove captivated the audience with her soaring and soulful vocals backed by Bo's excellent blues guitar.  One of the best acts that we have seen at the Red Lion."  Paul Munson, The Red Lion, Manningtree. *


‘Great Blues duo, not to be missed’  The Oli Brown Band


'an imaginative musical leap into a past era and one pulled off in style.' LP Project

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The album starts with the overtly twangy ‘Food for Love’ which is a jambalaya of spicy/squelching rhythms and peppery hot vocals.

This number bites like a ‘gator. Nags like nettlerash. And soothes like a slathering of tigerbalm lotion.

That saucy voice is also at the centre of ‘Outta Town’ which this has a downwards stepping melody and honeydew organ. It is is addictive and fun.

‘Lady Lavoo’ is a crowd favorite at live shows. It was actually on their 2010 release ‘Getting Somewhere‘. Here we have the most precious, vibrant and authentic slide guitar this side of the Atchafalaya Swamp. The shivering voice creeps in unnoticed, like a hooker who is searching for her purse. Sweet and sweaty. Unhurried but anxious. The album closes with the finely composed country lament ‘Maple Leaf’ and more of that raspy vocal  — this time balancing around some clever bursts of back-room-bar piano. Here are stories of devotion and liberation… Hopes dashed then rediscovered. And of course, here we also share a journey of faith and dependence. The voice of Dove shows a gratifying mixture of exquisite purity, conscious grace and earthy lust. And it never fails to astonish and entertain. Whilst the guitars from Boweevil are strong, accurate and impassioned. Vintage blues, soul and gospel. Created with enthusiastic zeal and genuine affection.