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Getting Somewhere

Mud Pie Records

The first track of this compilation sounded like Seasick Steve on speed with a female voice to confuse you even further. ‘Bourbon Street’ is a raucous bluesy opening to a debut bum which bodes well for them. I just can’t believe they are from East Anglia, Lauren Dove and Mark Howes have produced a sound which is pure southern United States of America in sound, atmosphere and acoustic guitar playing, definitely not the flatlands of Norfolk. Lauren Dove has a vocal range that defies description from Bourbon Street the opening sound to track 5 ‘Where Would You Be Now’. If I had to be picky I’d like the lyrics to be a bit less repetitive, but that really is unfair since they write their own stuff as well as perform it with feeling. ‘Boweevil” himself a.k.a. Mark Hows does possess an innate ability to transport your ears to the Mississippi with his fret work. Track 9 ‘Vague Man’ showcases this sublimely. It is a treat to this listener to hear a British, much less Norfolk, guitarist play with such feeling and where needed, fire. If this is their debut then the future is bright for this duo, this album is a cracker and can be downloaded at a fair and reasonable price. Having spent some time in at work recently, this has me re-appraising the county as anything but backwater.


Tom Walker (Blues Matters)

NEW! LP Project

The Dove and Boweevil Band -The Barn Sessions Live CD


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dove and Boweevil Band were the winners of the recent competition held at The New Crawdaddy Club in Billericay.


This CD of songs composed by Dove and Boweevil was recorded at The Barn in 2012 and showcases their definition of the blues. No note is wasted. The opening track  ’Bourbon Street’,is all bouncing rhythms and wailing and emotive guitars.The smooth, sexy guitar of ‘Stormy Monday” and the chugging beat of ‘Red Eye Fly” add a welcome variety of approaches to the blues. Dove’s voice soars across vocal ranges,sidling into  every nook and cranny of the emotion crystallised within the lyrics- heartbreak,the pain of life and relationships. Irresistible rhythms,  crisp song endings ,the texture of the sliding guitar notes,crashing Hammond chords all meld into  images of the speakeasy with its heat and smoke ,the smoothness of bourbon,the counterbalance of Delta sin and religion.The whole CD is an imaginative musical leap into a past era and one pulled off in style.


lpproject.co.uk/reviews www.bluesmatters.com/

Singer Lauren Dove and guitarist Mark (Boweevil) Howes started

causing a stir on their local patch several years ago as an acoustic duo and their debut release, Getting Somewhere, received many favourable reviews. In 2011 they decided to go electric, recruited a band and recorded a 7 track EP (The Barn Sessions Live) in 2012. A new album was due to be recorded earlier this year but Mark became seriously ill and spent 3 months in hospital and only now are things getting back to something like normal. For this performance their fellow members: keyboardist Andy (Mojo) Robinson, bassist Paul Williams and the serene Paul Weston on drums proved as tight as an aging celebrity's facelift.  

... 'Lady Lavoo', (the title taken from the name of New Orleans' celebrated voodoo Queen of the 19th century) which for me, was the track of the night -

every bit as otherworldly as any Yma Sumac record. Then the band came in with all the brooding sexual mystery of The Eagles' Witchy Woman as Lauren told of a similar temptress of supernatural powers. Superb!.....Watch out blues world The Dove And Boweevil Band are coming!

Live Review. Blues in Britain Magazine,  Elland, Yorkshire 05/2014