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         Thank you for visiting us on the Dove and Boweevil website during isolation. It is an extraordinary time for everyone and it is great that there is so much music going on online. It is sad not to be gigging or to see the other band mates However! Wait a second catch us live ( kinda) at the online Lockdown Music Festival


I know we are not alone in trying to figure out the best way to navigate through the undetermined few months. That is why we thank each and every one of you that have supported Dove and Boweevil over the years. It is certainly not the first time that Bo has been confined for months on end. You helped us through the too.


No gigs or festivals mean no income for the band so we ask those who are willing to able to donate what they can. We have a new single coming out on April 10th so enjoy our music! I'll also be following up with an online workshop ( it will make sense after the video). your donation will help support our musical family through this time of loss of earnings. If you would like to offer tips please follow the link below. Thank you, stay well and keep singing and playing.


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It is with great sadness that we recently lost our friend Matt Taylor who set up Blues and Roots PR and helped us so much with our first album. We will miss him

To the Tip Jar Sat 4th April 1.40pm